A Lockdown is not a Panacea to end CoVID-19
The World Around Us
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), extensive physical distancing measures and movement restrictions, often referred to as ‘lockdowns’, ...
February 16, 2021
Vaccine Nationalism is a Zero-Sum Game
The World Around Us
A YEAR AGO, developing a vaccine to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by the end of 2020 seemed like an impossible task. Afterall, base...
February 9, 2021
Caribbean-US Relations in the Biden Era
The World Around Us
Now that the Biden Administration has begun, one would imagine that just about every country, region and major international organisation is positioni...
February 2, 2021
From crisis to opportunity
The World Around Us
GOOD NEWS SEEMS scarce now as the world continues to reel from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Vaccine candidates which were given emergenc...
January 19, 2021
Profiles in Courage
The World Around Us
In 1956, then Senator John F. Kennedy, who eventually became President of the United States (US), was given credit for authoring a volume of short bio...
January 12, 2021
The Bridge to Nowhere
The World Around Us
I recently came across the story of the Choluteca Bridge. The Choluteca Bridge is a suspension bridge located in Choluteca, Honduras. It was first con...
January 5, 2021
The Clock is Ticking on Brexit
The World Around Us
At the time of writing, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, had just hours prior, agreed to e...
December 15, 2020
The world needs strong regionalism
The World Around Us
Regionalism can be a building block for a better world. When there is cooperation within and across regions in areas such as trade, investment, the en...
December 8, 2020
The UK’s Fork in the Road moment
The World Around Us
Circumstances appear to have conspired to place the United Kingdom (UK) in limbo on many fronts. Like the rest of the world, it is dealing with the gl...
December 1, 2020
The Sun Rises in the East
The World Around Us
In geopolitics today, as it occurs in nature, the sun rises in the East. Here, I am specifically referring to the East-Asia region which is now one of...
November 24, 2020
Is history repeating itself in Ethiopia?
The World Around Us
In 1994, the world stood by and did very little as ethnic conflict in Rwanda caused the killing of over 800,000 people, the majority of them innocent ...
November 17, 2020
A week is a long time in politics
The World Around Us
The quote “a week is a long time in politics” is often attributed to the former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Looking back at the past week in...
November 10, 2020
‘X’ marks the spot!
The World Around Us
By the end of today, November 3, 2020, barring some unforeseen development, the world is likely to know the outcome of the United States (US) Presiden...
November 3, 2020
The Future of Work
The World Around Us
We are living in the age of disruption and many things are no longer what they used to be. Who would have thought that a firm can become the largest t...
October 27, 2020
Reflections on a World Already in the Making
The World Around Us
VLADIMIR ILYICH ULYANOV, better known by his alias Vladimir Lenin, once said that “There are decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happe...
October 20, 2020
America the hero and anti-hero
The World Around Us
I HAVE LONG BEEN a fan of superhero movies because often, they represent the triumph of good over evil. Superheroes tend to have a keen sense of moral...
October 13, 2020
Swiss Lessons in Democracy
The World Around Us
Switzerland is a relatively small, mountainous, landlocked country in Central Europe. Zurich and Geneva are two of its most internationally known citi...
October 6, 2020
The world is in crisis
The World Around Us
Courage is one of the traits that we often look for in a good leader. A courageous leader tends to have the ability to confront problems and move thin...
September 29, 2020
The Children of Abraham
The World Around Us
ABRAHAM IS A figure who is given a place of prominence among three of the world’s major religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Each of the...
September 22, 2020
The UN at 75: Past, Present and Future (Part 2)
The World Around Us
This week’s article is a continuation of last week’s reflections which focused on the past and present of the UN. This week, I will focus on the futur...
September 15, 2020
Is peace finally coming to the Middle East?
The World Around Us
For decades, the Middle East has been mired in conflict. From the year 1900 to now, there have been close to 100 major conflicts ranging from civil wa...
September 1, 2020
Democracy is at stake
The World Around Us
A few weeks ago, I wrote about democracy’s receding trend. At the time, I was writing against the backdrop of what appeared to be politically tinged c...
August 25, 2020
Things fall apart – The Lebanese edition
The World Around Us
In the aftermath of a deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, 2020, things fell apart swiftly. Mass protests erupted and the government, led ...
August 18, 2020
Geopolitics goes digital
The World Around Us
We often think of geopolitics exactly as the term suggests – the interplay between geographic factors and politics and how these define the relationsh...
August 11, 2020
China’s unforced errors
The World Around Us
In sport, particularly tennis, an unforced error is a mistake made by a player that is attributed to his or her own failure or sloppiness. In everyday...
July 28, 2020
Standing on the Right Side of History
The World Around Us
John Robert Lewis, United States (US) civil rights icon and a member of the House of Representatives for 33 years, passed away on July 17, 2020. Also ...
July 21, 2020
The Lockdown Generation: COVID-19 and Youth
The World Around Us
The general economic impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is well documented. For example, according to the Organisation for Economic C...
July 14, 2020
We are only halfway there
The World Around Us
We are halfway through what has been a chaotic year that many people can hardly wait to see end. To even describe 2020 as chaotic might come across as...
June 30, 2020
Democracy’s Receding Trend
The World Around Us
The name Maria Ressa may not mean anything to most people. However, she is a Filipino, a former CNN bureau chief, 2018 Time person of the year, and co...
June 23, 2020
How to clothe a Naked Empire
The World Around Us
My last article was written against the backdrop of racial tensions in the United States (US) and America’s increasing impatience with or disregard fo...
June 16, 2020
The Empire is Naked
The World Around Us
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a cautionary tale of an emperor whose vanity caused him to believe that he was adorned in the finest fabric, when in ac...
June 9, 2020
What about afterward?
The World Around Us
Amid the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one consolation is that this too shall pass. For some of us, we are hoping that newer and bette...
May 26, 2020
Survival of the Smallest
The World Around Us
In my last article, I quoted former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who recently expressed concern about “a continued slow but steady drift tow...
May 19, 2020
The drift towards international anarchy
The World Around Us
The default meaning of anarchy in the context of international affairs is that there is no world government or no organising principle (or sets of pri...
May 12, 2020
Are we at the end of history again?
The World Around Us
In February 1989, the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama gave a talk on International Relations at the University of Chicago. Fukuyama’s ta...
April 7, 2020
An opportunity to reclaim industrial policy
The World Around Us
ONE OF THE SEMINAL global developments of the last three decades has been the phenomenal rise of China as an economic and military power. In terms of ...
March 31, 2020
Cuba – a Real Hero
The World Around Us
GOOD NEWS is scarce right now as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to wreak havoc and fear across the globe. However, amid the global respons...
March 24, 2020
Life in the Epicentre of COVID-19
The World Around Us
AS I AM writing this article, there is an eerie calmness resting over Geneva which belies the panic and sense of helplessness currently enveloping oth...
March 17, 2020
COVID-19 and Health Governance
The World Around Us
WITHOUT A DOUBT, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global public health crisis of grave concern. At the time of writing, the virus...
March 10, 2020
Global Compact on Digital Taxation Needed
The World Around Us
The digital economy might still be at an adolescent stage, but it is already huge, and it will continue to grow rapidly. Twenty years ago, Amazon was ...
March 3, 2020
Beware the next Trade War
The World Around Us
After more than two years of trade tensions which threatened the entire global economy, the United States (US) and China announced a phase one trade d...
February 25, 2020
Creating pathways  for women in leadership
The World Around Us
In many societies around the world, the representation of women in both political leadership and corporate governance is still in the minority. Accord...
February 11, 2020
Viruses Without Borders
The World Around Us
In a world of hyper-globalization, people, goods, services and capital are moving across borders with a kind of speed and ease not witnessed by previo...
February 4, 2020
Geopolitics coming home to roost
The World Around Us
In my last article, I shed some light on some of the developments that are likely to emerge as the 2020s progress. Two of the developments I spoke abo...
January 28, 2020
The 2020s – What Should We Expect?
The World Around Us
It is difficult to develop an exhaustive list of the major trends that will define the 2020s because frankly speaking, no one has a crystal ball to pr...
January 21, 2020
Assessing America’s Place in the World
The World Around Us
The threat of a full-scale war between the United States (US) and Iran appears to have dwindled, at least for now. Without a doubt, the world must hav...
January 14, 2020
US-Iran Crisis in Perspective
The World Around Us
I was hoping to start off 2020 on a positive note. However, the new year has started in chaotic fashion with the threat of conflict looming over the w...
January 7, 2020
The 2010’s in Perspective
The World Around Us
The 2010’s begun amidst chaos in many parts of the world and generally ended the way it started. One of the most chaotic episodes of this decade was t...
December 23, 2019
How Far Left Is Too Far Left?
The World Around Us
In my last article, I made the point that the general election in the United Kingdom (UK) on December 12, 2019 was fundamentally about Brexit. In esse...
December 17, 2019
The UK’s defining moment
The World Around Us
On December 12, 2019, voters in the United Kingdom (UK) will go to the polls for the third time in five years. However, of the two previous elections ...
December 10, 2019
Where did all the fish go?
The World Around Us
On November 21, many fishing communities around the world celebrated World Fisheries Day. According to WorldFish, an international non-profit research...
November 26, 2019
Promoting a Better Business Environment
The World Around Us
The World Bank recently released its Doing Business 2020 Report which compares business regulation in 190 economies. Doing Business analyses regulatio...
November 12, 2019
The New World (Dis)Order
The World Around Us
Protests rage around the world – but what comes next? Disaster in the Desert. War Is Not Over. ISIS Is Already Rising From The Ashes. These are some o...
November 5, 2019
The New Industrial Revolution
The World Around Us
Mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. 3D printing. Many economists, political and business leaders from around the world are c...
October 22, 2019
Advancing Our Shared Prosperity
The World Around Us
Advancing Our Shared Prosperity – this was the title of the communique issued at the end of the Commonwealth Trade Ministers Meeting which took place ...
October 15, 2019
CARICOM and India – Smart foreign policy
The World Around Us
On the margins of the recently concluded 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India hosted the ...
October 8, 2019
On the Frontline of the Climate War
The World Around Us
On September 10 2019, the Hon. Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, delivered the 16th Raúl Prebisch Lecture to the United Nations Conference on T...
October 1, 2019