Choosing the right Hair Colour
What's on Fleek this week
Changing your hair colour isn’t as simple as you think. Everything doesn’t depend only on what colours you like, or what colours you think will su...
October 13, 2015
Highlighting and Contouring
What's on Fleek this week
Highlighting and contouring are two crafty tricks that you can use to enhance your bone structure. You will need foundation, concealer one shade light...
October 6, 2015
Water Marble Nails
What's on Fleek this week
These nail patterns can be whatever you want and any colour you desire. Quick and easy, all you need are: Nail polish colours (include white for base ...
September 29, 2015
Colour Correcting
What's on Fleek this week
When concealer alone does not flawlessly cover your discoloured skin, always remember with make-up your alternatives are endless. When fixing your ski...
September 22, 2015
The Waterfall Braid
What's on Fleek this week
Looking for a new do? Here’s an easy to do braid that works for any hair length/type. Follow the instruction at right and you will be well on your w...
September 15, 2015
How to apply False Eyelashes
What's on Fleek this week
Iaf you’re looking for the most dramatic of eyes, then, hands down, false eyelashes are the way to go. But they are by far not the easiest to apply....
September 8, 2015
Reducing the appearance of Oily Make-up
What's on Fleek this week
Having oily skin may discourage you from wearing make-up, especially if you wear it on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can ...
September 1, 2015
Statement Necklaces
What's on Fleek this week
Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. For good reason, too: t...
August 25, 2015
Blush Application for the shape of your face
What's on Fleek this week
A touch of blush goes a long way. It adds life and colour to your face and its application is quite straightforward. If you have a long face, apply bl...
August 18, 2015
The Moisturized Man
What's on Fleek this week
This topic has been plaguing me for a while now. I realize that most men don’t like to moisturize their skin, and it’s more common than you think ...
August 11, 2015
Combating Oily Skin with Milk of Magnesia
What's on Fleek this week
Milk of Magnesia is most commonly used to relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal problems, so you may be surprised when I tell you that it ca...
August 4, 2015
The Mascara Life
What's on Fleek this week
I have found that no matter how finished you think your look is, it’s never done until you have some mascara on. This stands between regular eyelash...
July 28, 2015
Gel Polish vs Acrylic
What's on Fleek this week
Gel nail application provides the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. Gel only dries when it is exposed to UV light. Acryl...
July 21, 2015
Uses of Castor Oil
What's on Fleek this week
I know what you’re thinking; isn’t castor oil just to be taken when you need help in the bathroom? No. I was told of one of these uses by a co-wor...
July 14, 2015
Make-up Remover Alternatives
What's on Fleek this week
If you wear make-up as often as I do, buying bottle after bottle of make-up remover becomes pricey after some time. No make-up remover? No problem. Be...
June 30, 2015
Ombre Nails
What's on Fleek this week
Getting your nails done can be very costly, and I’m sure we all have nail polish, a make-up sponge and remover at home, so let’s get salon quality...
June 23, 2015
Make-up Bag Must Haves
What's on Fleek this week
There are so many beauty products available to us that sometimes it is difficult to determine what we actually need. Regardless of this, these are the...
June 16, 2015
Eyeshadow application
What's on Fleek this week
We see it everywhere, eyes that makes you cringe. But let’s face it, not everyone knows how to correctly apply eyeshadow. So, let’s get it going w...
June 9, 2015
Winged Liner
What's on Fleek this week
Commonly referred to as the ‘cat eye’, the winged liner look is relatively easy to achieve. However, just like many other make-up techniques, it r...
June 2, 2015
Dos and Don’ts of hiding a tummy
What's on Fleek this week
Let’s face it, we all don’t have that hour glass figure we desire, but we can, however, “fake it till we make it.” Here are some tips to hide ...
May 19, 2015
The Importance of Cleaning Make-up Brushes
What's on Fleek this week
For weeks I neglected the task of cleaning the make-up brushes that I use on a daily basis. I took it for granted, because my face looked fine… no b...
May 12, 2015
Loving Your Hair
What's on Fleek this week
Our hair goes through a lot, from gels/hairsprays, heat appliances, styling and just our climate. Whether we are rocking a natural do or relaxed, letâ...
May 5, 2015
Concealing your  under-eyes
What's on Fleek this week
Concealer is a type of cosmetic used to mask spots, blemishes, and dark under-eye circles. Dark under-eye circles are unattractive, but can be easily ...
April 21, 2015
Ombre Lips
What's on Fleek this week
Who said you can only wear one lipstick colour? Ombre Lips are a fun, beautiful way to add flare to your face and make your lips pop. Choose two lipst...
April 14, 2015
Tips for safe Shirt and Tie combinations
What's on Fleek this week
Being able to perfectly pair your dress shirts and ties is a skill every guy must possess. To match a solid coloured shirt with the right tie, use the...
March 24, 2015
How to make your own shaving cream
What's on Fleek this week
Tue Mar 17, 2015 Let’s face it, how many times have we planned to shave our legs and we have to use the soap or, dare I say, the shampoo. Here is an...
March 17, 2015
Foundation Application
What's on Fleek this week
Tue Mar 10, 2015 Now that you have purchased your perfect match foundation with the help of my guide to buying foundation, it’s time to apply it to ...
March 10, 2015
The  FOUNDATION  of Make-up
What's on Fleek this week
Tue, Mar 03, 2015 Foundation is an absolute must have for flawless make-up application. To cover blemishes and slightly alter your skin tone so that i...
March 3, 2015
Playing with prints
What's on Fleek this week
Tue Feb 24, 2015 Whether the print on the skirt is tribal or the shirt is striped, I bet we can all agree that printed clothing is fun and very chic. ...
February 24, 2015
How  to shape  your  eyebrows
What's on Fleek this week
Tue Feb 17, 2015 Too many times we see what’s called the “Sharpie Eyebrow,” which are those eyebrows that are so black they look like they m...
February 17, 2015