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June 2, 2015
Winged Liner

Commonly referred to as the ‘cat eye’, the winged liner look is relatively easy to achieve. However, just like many other make-up techniques, it requires a lot of practice and patience.

With your black liquid eyeliner, draw a diagonal line, starting from the outer end of your eye to halfway up to the end of your eyebrow.{{more}}

To create the ‘wing,’ draw another line that meets with the first line.

Once you are happy with the shape, you can now go into the inner corner of your eye with your liner and draw a line which extends to the second line.

Now that you have created the outline for your winged liner, you can go ahead and fill in the space with your eyeliner.

For a neat and clean finish, use a fine brush dipped in some make-up remover to clean up the jagged edges.

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