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March 24, 2015
Tips for safe Shirt and Tie combinations

Being able to perfectly pair your dress shirts and ties is a skill every guy must possess.

To match a solid coloured shirt with the right tie, use the colour wheel below as your guide:

Colours appearing opposite each other on the colour wheel are called complementary colours and tend to work well together.{{more}} Notice that blue and orange appear opposite each other on the colour wheel; therefore a shirt and tie combination of blue and orange is a safe look.

Avoid pairing a patterned tie and a patterned shirt. The combination is risky and it’s also a MSATCV (Major Shirt and Tie Combination Violation). According to readers of this column, pairing a patterned shirt with a patterned tie looks “weird sometimes”, “hideous”, “crowded” and “pointless”.

Patterned ties complement plain shirts best, while patterned shirts look best paired with a plain tie. Take a look at these examples: at right.

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