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May 12, 2015
The Importance of Cleaning Make-up Brushes

For weeks I neglected the task of cleaning the make-up brushes that I use on a daily basis. I took it for granted, because my face looked fine… no blemishes or major breakouts until two weeks ago when my face broke out terribly.

What prompted me to clean my make-up brushes was the fact that both sides of my face where I usually apply my blush or bronzer were the ONLY affected areas.{{more}} Here’s how I go about cleaning my applicators:

Firstly, run your brushes under lukewarm water to rinse all residual make-up.

In a container with a mixture of water and your regular hair shampoo, either swirl your brush around or with the palm of your hand work up a lather. Be sure to reshape the brush with your fingers as you go along.

Thoroughly rinse the brush under running water. If the water does not run clean from the brush, repeat the process before rinsing it again. Do this until the water runs clear; that’s how you know it’s clean.

Before placing your brushes on a lint-free cloth to dry, use paper towels to dry them off a little.

Tip: It’s recommended by experts that we clean our make-up brushes at least once a month. Don’t make my mistake.

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