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June 23, 2015
Ombre Nails

Getting your nails done can be very costly, and I’m sure we all have nail polish, a make-up sponge and remover at home, so let’s get salon quality nails for less.

Place a white/cream or solid coat of nail polish on your nails. Get a make-up sponge and place your nail polish colours across the top of the sponge, {{more}}making sure you overlap the colours. You can use two or more colours for this.

Make sure the sponge is saturated with the nail polish and then you simply place the sponge on the nail, making sure it covers it from top to bottom. Move the sponge back and forth so that the colour transfers to your nail properly.

Get you nail polish remover and clean around the edges of your nails, then apply a clear top coat to give it that finished look and there you have it, hot nails for days.