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April 14, 2015
Ombre Lips

Who said you can only wear one lipstick colour? Ombre Lips are a fun, beautiful way to add flare to your face and make your lips pop.

Choose two lipsticks: one darker and one lighter, or a lip liner that’s a darker shade for outer lip colour. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your colour choices.

1. Start by making a thick line on the outer part of the lip with the darker shade of lipstick/liner.{{more}}

2. Place the lighter colour on the inside of the line where you haven’t filled, making sure that it touches the previous lip colour.

3. Use your lip brush to blend the two colours into each other, making it seamless. If you have no brush, you can press your lips together a few times to help them blend.

If you’re wearing a darker colour or matte lipstick, to help make it more defined, you can get a dark lip pencil and simply make a thin outline on your lips and slightly fade it into the rest of the lipstick. A good dark liner can give for a great look if you are using only one lip colour. The same technique applies.