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February 17, 2015
How to shape your eyebrows

Tue Feb 17, 2015

Too many times we see what’s called the “Sharpie Eyebrow,” which are those eyebrows that are so black they look like they may have been done with a sharpie marker. Today’s tip is going to help you correct that.{{more}}

1 – First choose an eyebrow pencil that best suits your complexion. Most persons use a black pencil and it may be too harsh for the eyebrow itself, even though the hair is black. I would suggest a dark brown, mind you not cocoa brown (unless your brows are of a lighter shade).

2 – With an eyebrow brush and scissors or tweezer, you then brush your brows into the shape you want and simply cut or tweeze the stray or unruly hairs.

3 – Now you take your fresh pointed eyebrow pencil and you line the bottom of your brow from beginning to end. You then line the top starting not quite at the beginning and then following the arch of the brow you connect it with the end.

4 – Once that is done, you can fill in between the lines you have just drawn, making the eyebrow look fuller. You should not fill in the start of the eyebrow, as that may make it look ‘fake’.

5 – With an eyebrow brush, you start brushing from the beginning to the end of the brow. This will soften the line and give the eyebrow a more natural look.

Quick Tip – you can simply use the soft brush of an empty mascara bottle, cleaned of course.

And there you have it, soft natural looking eyebrows every time.

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