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June 9, 2015
Eyeshadow application

We see it everywhere, eyes that makes you cringe. But let’s face it, not everyone knows how to correctly apply eyeshadow. So, let’s get it going with the basics of eyeshadow application.

Apply a primer from your eyelid to your eyebrow. This will not only help the eyeshadow to stay in place, but also makes your colour pop. Your main colour should go on your eyelid, with the lightest going on your tear duct area and under your eyebrow to highlight.{{more}}

Right above your eyelid, apply a darker colour making sure that it doesn’t go all the way to your tear duct or to your eyebrows. This adds shadowing to the area.

Now, on the outer part of your eye, apply the darkest shade. It should start from about the end of your pupil outwards. Do not place on the upper part of your eye.

Now, here is the key to everything. You MUST blend. To do this, you can use a blending brush, any soft-bristled brush or even a q-tip. Take the brush, blending from the darkest area inwards and above, making sure they overlap and give a seamless look. When you are done, simply wipe under your eye and following the line from your nose to the outer part of your eye, up to the eyebrow, wipe that area of any excess shadow. This gives lift to your eyes. Finish the look with a little liner and/or some mascara.