What's on Fleek this week
August 25, 2015
Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. For good reason, too: the right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress.{{more}} My personal favourite way to wear statement necklaces is to pair them with something that is otherwise boring.

Wear a bright, chunky necklace with neutral colours. Try an abstract, 3-D design in crimson to compliment a simple black dress and tights or a thick turquoise necklace along with a white peasant shirt on top of jeans. Your outfit should be comfortable and simple, but the necklace will help to dress it up and draw attention to your excellent fashion sense.

Pair less elaborate necklaces (such as a long silver or gold chain) with eye-catching clothes. If you’re wearing an animal print, for example, or a polka-dotted pattern on top, you’ll want to keep yourself from looking too “busy.”

Always wear a large pearl or diamond necklace with elegant clothing. Such extravagant jewellery will look out of place when combined with everyday clothes. Reserve these pieces for more formal events.

Bib necklaces should be worn with high-cut, but low-collared shirts and jackets. Otherwise there will be an inch or two of space between the bottom of your necklace and the top of your shirt. It’s cleaner looking and you won’t feel the need to adjust your clothes all day.

One thing you should never do is pair large necklaces with large earrings. Keep your choice of ear piece to a minimal, less eye catching look.

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