14 May 2021

Man shot him-self in him-foot

Lie-Za all-time getting she story and dem wrong. She was telling me, she heard pon de Raid-yuh, how de PM Shot Him-self in Him-foot again. Ah told her...
07 May 2021
Dey’s Gold in de  La-Sew-Fray

Dey’s Gold in de La-Sew-Fray

Before ah start, no, before ah forget, Ah want to ask ah fair-for of NEMO’s Director, Me-shell Forbes, when all de dust is settled. She must change ...
30 April 2021

Two out ah five great citizens

Foh dis week and maybe next week, ah paying respects to Five Vincy (Five in ah Row) who would have left us but not before planting ah Monument. RA...
23 April 2021

Dotish is ah good name brand

Lie-Za was telling me dat de oldest date on record of an Erupt-shun of de La-Sew-Fray Volcano of Sin-Vin-Sin was in 1718. She still wondering how d...
16 April 2021
Who is Professor Richie Robertson

Who is Professor Richie Robertson

Professor Richard “Richie” Robertson lead Scientist in SVG’s Volcanic Erupt-shun was named after his uncle Richard Joachim, whom we terror-eyes ...
09 April 2021

De unanswered prayers 0f Joseph

Lie-Za vividly recalls de festive Pre and Post-elect-shun Calm-Pain put on by de ULP dat boasted of having ah War-Chest. So determined dey were t...
01 April 2021

Isn’t dey trouble everywhere?

Of course we should all know dat dis is Holy Week. But if we doh know or doh remember, suggests dat we eat we Sunday School Fees. Holy week starts fr...
26 March 2021

Sagicor light shines on Darkie

Before ah forget ah want to Big Up Sagicor foh honouring one of our outstanding NATIONAL CULTURAL icon’ David ‘Darkie’ Williams. as a part of th...
19 March 2021
Please sing our anthem in Garifuna

Please sing our anthem in Garifuna

Last Sunday’s Nah-shun-all Hero’s Day Ceremony at Dorsetshire Hill was on TV, but ah was getting ready foh Church so ah listened in between dressi...
12 March 2021
Memory Lane here comes Nina!

Memory Lane here comes Nina!

I am indeed saddened by de passing of my Dear Friend and everybody’s Friend, Nina Maloney. Ah remember like if is today, de first timeah was going t...