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January 26, 2024

Ah saw excerpts from our Pry-minister’s address at de Non-aligned Movement (NAM) Group of 77 (G77) conference in Uganda, and dey were good. Lie-Za also saw ah News Clip from de Pry-minister Address and add-myths dat he did ah good job, what he does best, she said.. Talk!

He spoke fearlessly and fairly on ah few very important matters. Using strong language, when he condemned de USA for its decades of isolation and sanctioning pressure on Cuba, ah progressive nation built on de resilience of its people. Den our “World Boss” chanted-down Israel foh its unacceptable rain of terror, murder and genocide in de Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Lie-Za firmly believes dat Netanyahu, Israeli’s Prime Minister is de re-incarnay-shun of Lucifer.

She says dat de lickle Book she reads daily, tells her, dey was ah group of wicked people of Jewish descent, (Pharisees and Sadducees) who called dem-selves Abraham Children, but could not /would not/did not accept Jesus as de son of God, in fact dey stalked Jesus where-ever he went, until finally dey arrested Him, gave Him ah public trial, and wid ah unanimous verdict, instructed de Judge, Pontius Pilot to free-up Barabbas, ah notable prisoner condemned to death, and had Jesus crucified. De Real Jews are yet to come.

She didn’t get to hear de PM’s full address, but she was wondering how he calling on members of dis Augus Body to show compassion on dey perceived Enemies but here at home, his actions doh match his words. Next Monday de Carry-Beyond Court of Appeal will meet here to hear de Gone-Soft Govern-mint’s grounds of Appeal, in de Vaccine Mandate Case that de Front Line Workers, many of whom have been unpaid foh almost two years, lost dey pen-shuns and wGratuity. Should de Front Line Workers win dis leg of dey battle, de Whirl Boss has already indicated dat de Go-venom-mint will take de matter to de Priviy Council.


Ah asked Lie-Za how does one explain Tommy Saunders Secondary School (TSSC) functioning or not-functioning widout electricity foh months. Shocked! She asked if we talking bout TSSC one of our Premiere Secondary Schools, ah force to reckon wid in Sports, represents SVG at de Penn Relays in de USA. So where was BRAGGSA, or de PS! or even de Min of Education could ah get immediate action. De story is it was only when it was brought to de PM’s attention another case of “Wait till Pappa Come back!”

And finally de Awe-Position side of de House of Par-liar-mint has presented its side of 2024 Budget Debate. Shadow Minister of Finance Fitz Bramble wound up de fake Budget presented by de Minister of Finance. My lickle over-standing of Parliamentary Budget Presentation, it is de responsibility of every Minister to speak and tell de Nay-Shun way going on in his ministry.

De Awe-position may or may not decide to reply. Dey will be dealt wid by Voters. How does one explain on de Go-venom-mint side wid at least six ministers failed to deliver or give an account of de people’s business. It was beginning to look obvious dat de tail was wagging de dog, de head ah de House called foh de Doxology. Kaisonian Abijah was so right when he titled his Kaiso foh last year wid: “ Sin-Vin-Sin is not ah Real Place. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

  • Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.