DE Flour’n’OIL Story Still Wuuking
Bassy - Love Vine
February 23, 2024
DE Flour’n’OIL Story Still Wuuking

Had I known dat ah Valentine’s Day Gift was waiting to be delivered to me at de Fish Market, ah would ah stay home. So ah got my left knee damaged in ah drain in front the fish market. De real gift however is too much. Dr Perry De Freitas came to my home, requested an X-ray, very professional young team from SONO (SVG ) came home with X-ray machines and verified ah knee fracture, and to put de Ice-on my Valentine’s Day cake, Dr and Mrs Nedd came right in de living-room and put ah cast on de knee! Thank God foh Blessings. Even Lie-Za add-vice me to follow de Doctor’s instructions: “ Rest yuh tail (he mean me foot) and stay farr from de phone!” All ah got to say, politely of course: “good add-vic scarce!

So my grand-daughter hurriedly brought her two daughters, my great-grands to see me. Dey eyes lit up when dey saw de cast on my knee, dey didn’t even ask how ah doing, instantly dey pull-out pen and pencil, and dey had ah one-dah-full Art Session. Not satisfied wid all dat fun, dey promised to be back soon, dat dey only gone to get crayons and coloured markers to finish dey project. Dat’s what kids are for!

Who was amazing on dat visit was my eight year ole great-grand-daughter. Her St Mary’s RC School is observing de Lenten Season, so she insisted dat ah listen to her explaining de Lenten Message she learnt in her class. De famous Ole Testament story about de Prophet Elijah, de destitute widow, her only son, her very last drop of “Flour and Oil” and de sticks (to mek fire-wood) to bake ah cake for de Man of God. In return, Elijah blessed de woman and miraculously her “Flour and Oil” just kept replenishing, wouldn’t finish. She never ran out of Corn and Oil until de Famine was over.

Dat Corn’n’Oil Miracle worked foh de destitute widow and her son over 3, 000 years ago. It still works today. In fact it worked foh my family when my daughter and son were at University. Ah invite yuh to read de full story in First Kings chapter 17. Put it to de Test, But mek sure yuh are ah Believer.


Ah very happy foh Shafiqua Maloney, young Vin-sent-shun Athlete who will finally get her share of Flour’n’Oil, to attend de 2024 Olympics and Prayerfully XL. Ah want to thank also Sportsmax (C’bean watchdog); men like Doc Fraser; all dem Social Me-dey-yah’ fan-at-aches; our fearless Vin-sin-shunners who took to ‘Pen and Paper’ Might-yah dan de dreaded Sword, to openly challenge those wicked so-called ‘Wukers of de people’ only temporarily in charge of de Nay-shun “Flour’n’Oil store-room, to let Shafiqua Maloney get a “cup ah Flour and ah vial ah Oil. Yes same ole problem, it had to go to papa first
Ah remember Shafiqua quite well, ah lickle, 10- year ole enerizer on Sat-dey mornings, running up and down on de Arnos Vale Playing Field, under de watch-full eyes of her den Coach, Michael ‘Mercy’ Ollivierre. Despite being side-lined here and subdued yes, by ‘poor people sin-drone’, Shafiqua was Blessed. Wid early support from ‘Coach Mercy’ along wid another of his Athletic Prodigies Jenice Daley from Jah-mek-her coaching in Sin-Kitts, she grasp opportunities and has been making ah name foh her-self away from home, winning event after event. She still has grounds to cover, but wid de “Flour’n’Oil” replenishing, and barring de unforeseen, she is ready to soar. “She will mek us all proud. World here comes Shafiqua!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.
One Love Bassy

  • Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.