We in de big league now
Sandals resort, St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Bassy - Love Vine
February 16, 2024
We in de big league now

Yes, we in de Big League. Ole people say monkey must know way he going put his tail when he order Pants. Dat cock-roach ain’t ha no calling in Fowl Party. Is like every three months we would hear on de News “Minister or Pry-minister and delegation to attend Conference or Meeting where-ever, bet is overseas foh sure.

Now long ago most Con-friends uses to be near home in de Carry-Beyond, North America or occasionally de United Kingdom. Now-ah-days is so far away from home it does tek days to reach de desti-nay-shun. And if yuh think it cost “ an arm’n’ah leg for our Reps to travel abroad, is like “house’n’Land when its we poor people turn to be Host.

Is like a Blessing in disguise dat de big CELAC (Slack) Summit, acronym foh Community of Lain America and Carry-Beyond States dat was scheduled to be held in SVG on January 24th, has been postponed to later in March, 2024. And de reason given is dat de SLACK Summit clashes wid another regional Summit, our very own Carry-Come! And talking bout CELAC how come CELAC is comprised of 33 countries dat includes all ah Central America from : Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, to de Dominican Republic, includes Carry Come wid Guyana right up to Jah-mek-her’ and de whole ah South America, Brazil, Argentina- all except Venezuela. Dat ain’t sound right, and it bothers Lie-Za. Venezuela is our best friend, richest and most generous.

Back to de Summit. Is de country pan-ache-in as SVG prepares for dis-Lack Summit. All road on which delegates will commute while hey, are receiving ah crash course in repairs. Dey’s even some suggestions dat transportation by sea is an alternative. Why does it appear like de Go-venom-mint is “Letting Out” or ‘Pulling In” all de ‘Slack” preparing foh dis Slack Summit. De most recent statement made to local Fishers and Farmers, is dat Sandals will not be dealing wid dem directly or individually. In other words go talk to Rainforest Seafoods Inv. ah Jah-mek-her company dat is the Carry-Beyond’s largest processor and supplier of premium quality seafood.

Wid ah storage capacity of ah quarter million pounds ah Sea Food, and as Madam Lie-Za say: “foh all yuh know Rainforest and Sandals could be in dis to-gather.”

So de Big Question when did de Go-venom-mint of SVG know dat Sandals will not be purchasing local produce on an individual basis. Did dey ex-pect to see fishing boats unloading de licle catch of 10 lb Red Snapper or Tuna on de beach? Lie-Za is questioning if anybody on de Go-venom-mint knows, or cares to know what are de details in de Sandals Agreement. There is-Lack of commune-nah-care-shun, ah lack of over-standing somewhere. You listen to our ministers in pull-tek-all meetings talking about how our Fisher-folks and Farmers will have markets foh dey produce. It doh wuk so. De days of Mauby Shop style ah Hotel business are over . SVG is now in de Big League, and Sandals and Rainforest are just de pioneers to SVG.

After all we have a Farmers Association, Fishermen’s Co-op and Association, we once had ah Marketing Corporation, and all these institutions should have been involved. An Agreement has been signed between de Investors and Go-venom-mint, and lets hope dis is not another case way SVG is hooked again by our gill. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy