Hats or Berets off to Marriaqua Cadet Unit
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May 31, 2024

Hats or Berets off to Marriaqua Cadet Unit

Ah didn’t even know dat dey’s ah branch of de Nah-shun-all Cadet Corps in de Marriaqua Valley- “ De Marriaqua Cadet Unit”. As ah matter of fact, last Wednesday 29th May, at de Glenside Recreational Cente (Hard Court), the Unit held its second Passing Out Parade of 16 recruits.

Last year the number of recruits was 32. Membership is comprised of students from the three Secondary Schools in de Marriaqua Valley: St Joseph Convent Marriaqua; Mountain View Adventist Academy; and Emmanuel High School (EHS) Mesopotamia. De Officer in charge is Second Lieutenant Brian Maloney assisted by Warrant Officer Aamon Browne.

According to Unit Officer Maloney, the one year training for recruits is intensive, beginning with de History of de Organisation; Civics; Decorum; ah Mentorship programme; training in First Aid, Map Reading. Basic Camp Fire activities- hiking and camping, cooking. Elementary Coast Guard training including swimming. Basic skills at Arms conducted by de Police.

Maloney is a musician and member of de Nah-shun-all Cadets Corps Band who plays both the Euphonuim and Trumpet. He has great vision foh ah Marriaqua Cadet Unit Brass Band, parading on festive occasions marching thru’ de streets of de Valley attracting visitors from surrounding villages and towns.

At Wednesday’s ceremony several certificates were distributed to recruits for good performances. Sydon Browne received de Award for “Best at Drill”, while Janessa Haywood also a student of SJC won two Awards: “ Best in Theory” and “Most Outstanding recruit with highest overall total, and Physical Fitness.

However ah must congratulate de members and leadership of de Marriaqua Cadet Unit, also de vision of Principals and teachers of these three outstanding Secondary Schools. Ah see these schools as basically de Nursery of Secondary Education within de Marriaqua Valley, ah community of over 21 villages. Unfortunately almost everything to do wid early Eddy-care-shun is targeted at passing CXC Academic subjects, lickle or no priority given to life saving skills.

To-gather SJC Marriaqua, Emmanuel High and Mountain View Academy are doing ah one-dah-full job providing extra curricular training, offered freely by semi-military organizations- de Cadets is one of many. Maybe herein lies one of de several ways of tackling Crime heads on, twinning or combining our schools and communities wid Sports, Culture, Drama, Music. Whatever we do, doh leave de youths behind. Correct-shun, what ever we do, give de Youths more attention and priority.

In conclusion, special men-shun to all Award Winners and to two special recruits, actually my two cousins-in-law, twins, Kenny and Caleb Paul of EHS. This week is very special foh dem. Wednesday dey were among de recruits on de Passing Out Parade, and come dis Sunday dey will receive Holy Baptism at Mesopotamia Gospel Hall. In addition dey are into music, playing drums, and soccer at school. Two youngsters whose manners and behave-yah is exemplary.

Congrats also to Rocky, dey grandmother who constantly pulls ah tight reign pon dem.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

  • Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.