What's on Fleek this week
February 7, 2017
DIY Charcoal Mask

Charcoal is possibly the trendiest ingredient in skin care right now. You may scroll through Instagram and Facebook and see videos of women peeling a black mask off their faces and revealing the removed blackheads to the camera. The mask is so easy and fun to make.

You will need charcoal, liquid glue and water. Unfortunately, I didn’t measure out the ingredients before combining them. I simply mixed the charcoal with the glue in a container and loosened up the mixture with a little water, until I got a consistency which was easy to spread over my face.

With my fingers, I applied it all over my face, consciously avoiding my eyebrows. I couldn’t stomach the thought of having to remove the mask from that area and losing my eyebrows in the process.

I let the mask sit on my face for about 30 minutes. During that time it dried and hardened. I also experienced a tightening sensation. By that time, I was almost through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy; I paused the show and peeled off the dry mask.

It didn’t come off in one peel, as seen in the videos on-line, but when it did my face felt really smooth and clean. I didn’t have a lot of blackheads either, but it definitely got rid of the few I had around my nose and cheeks.

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