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November 1, 2016
Concealing tattoos

Whether you want to conceal your tattoo from conservative relatives at a family function or achieve a more professional look in your upcoming job interview, following this method will help you to flawlessly and temporarily remove that ink.

First, clean the area and apply a primer, so that your make-up has something to stick to. The key product for this method is either red lipstick, red eyeshadow or a red colour correcting concealer. Apply either product directly to the tattoo to dull dark colours and black outlines, {{more}} so that when you apply your regular concealer it does not appear bluish.

Gently blend the product into your skin before applying a concealer one or two shades lighter than your complexion to the area. Blend the concealer with a brush or beauty blender.

The next step is to apply and blend your foundation to the area, so that it matches the rest of your body. When this step is complete, set the foundation with a loose powder for a finished look. You can also spray the area with a setting spray to ensure the make-up does not run.

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