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June 14, 2019
Seventh day of June, Twenty-Nineteen: The NDP’s Death Knell

EDITOR: The way I know it is that you can, or you used to be able to, I’ve lost track, make changes to entries in Wikipedia. That can never mean you can throw in any old thing and you will get away with it.

The first line in Wikipedia on “Ralph Gonsalves” goes: “Ralph Everard Gonsalves, (born 8 August 1946) is a Vincentian politician.” It is time for an update, especially after June 7. It should now read: “Ralph Everard Gonsalves (born 8 August 1946) is a Vincentian political alchemist.” And that’s not “any old thing.” And you will get away with it, too. Cause it’s true.

That the airport could be constructed was never the abiding question. The real issue was its viability. It is not my point here; and I am not going there. No more can be said on that. My point is this: if Ralph says he is going to build a stairway to heaven, look for it.

The construction of the airport was a hot topic of discussion for years. A bridge over the Rabacca dry river was never discussed: it could not be done. Never! End of story.

Then, in waltz the boundless Ralph Everard Gonsalves to perform alchemy. Bam! No muss, no fuss, a bridge appeared where conventional wisdom said it couldn’t. Just so. For small money, at that. The bridge was pure political alchemy, besides doing what a bridge is supposed to do… Join communities. And it wasn’t magic either. It was built because Ralph – and he keeps saying it more as an advice and less as a boast – is not bounded. Certainly not by what binds others – imagination and focus.

That we could never get on the United Nations Security Council was to be another NEVER. It was also to underestimate the unbounded professor of alchemy. I did. But, now, if Ralph says he is going to build a stairway to heaven, I am going to upgrade my Fitbit.

After the UN political alchemy stroke, the NDP is not DOA (Dead On Arrival), they are simply not arriving. I believe Ralph go be there for the rest of Camillo’s life.
There is a downside to the recent piece of political alchemy, though: for the next ten years, or 15, I am going to have to listen to the NDP’s bellyache mantra, “it’s time for them to go.” Oh Gawd, ah done get 15 of it, dread. I full up.

That said, I am going to retreat to a quiet place and try to wrap my head around: My country is a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Hot damn!
Patrick Ferrari

PS. I see that the NDP has approved of our election to the UNSC, while one of their current high-ranking lieutenants, Luzette King, did everything and then some that can be done to block our bid.

They did not and did not want to reign in their mouthpiece because they danced to her song. But after the (hugely political) success they are jumping on the bandwagon.

A leadership of wimps; shameless, opportunistic hypocrites.

Patrick Ferrari