July 16, 2019
Students gain real-world experiences through Future Focus Summer Internships

Ten students from across eight secondary schools are currently gaining “real-world experiences” as part of the Future Focus Summer Internship Programme.

The internship, which is in its pilot year, is an initiative by House of Ellis, a local company.

The interns: Alrine Peters – Buccament Bay Secondary, Carla McLeod- Adelphi Secondary, Tefresha Turtin – Girls’ High School, Saffron Westfield – St Vincent Grammar School, Casanya Simmons – Thomas Saunders Secondary, Shadeya Charles – St. Clair Dacon Secondary, Reneke Harry – Thomas Saunders Secondary, Felecia Bacchus – Girls’ High School, Renecia Ollivierre – St. Clair Dacon Secondary and Alliyah Delpesche – North Union Secondary, are for up to five weeks attached to businesses across the island.

As well as gaining real-world experiences, the Future Focus Summer Internship provides the students with the opportunity to develop hands-on work experience in a professional environment that relate to their academic and career interests and prepares them for future jobs. The program is also designed to provide employers an opportunity to guide and evaluate future talent.

House of Ellis has partnered with businesses such as LIAT, Invest SVG, KDLT Chartered Accountants, French Verandah and Mariners Hotel, Arch City Entertainment Agency, STEM SVG and the SVG Football Federation for this pilot year.

House of Ellis is a local company with a mission of youth and community development. In addition to the summer internship, the company has programme such as scholarships, awards for academic achievements and sports sponsorship.