June 2, 2015
No report as yet in stone-throwing incident – COP

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles says he has not yet received a report in relation to a stone-throwing incident that took place at a New Democratic Party (NDP) meeting in Richland Park.

Charles, who told us on May 21, that two boys, age 13 and 14, were behind the stoning incident, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that three boys have been interviewed by the police.{{more}}

“That is as far as I could tell you right now. That’s the last I heard from it, really,” the top cop said.

One man was injured during the stone throwing episode.

In our May 22 publication, Charles said, “They (boys) admitted they were throwing stones. This is what I have right now. I don’t have anything else on the matter right now.”

He had further stated that rumours that the boys had been pelting wax apples could not be confirmed at that time.(KW)