Kitchen Corner
August 4, 2017
I just found out my husband has a baby with his mistress; what should I do?

Hello Rosie,

I’ve been played one too many times.  I just found out that my husband has a baby with his mistress and I am done! 

Rosie, this affair has been happening for a while now and he kept promising that he would stop and he never did!  Rosie, he has embarrassed me within my family and work circles with this relationship and I am tired.  We have also, for the last five years of marriage, tried to have a baby and with no success.  I even had a miscarriage. 

He is asking for forgiveness, but I don’t even want to look at the guy, because he really makes me mad! 

Should I give him another chance?


 Dear Disgusted,

 Look, you know in your heart where you stand already.  This nonsense has gone on way too long, in my opinion and you are at a very difficult crossroad.

Do you want to go to counselling?  Do you want to be the bigger person, or are you tired of it?  Sometimes, this life gives us clues when to hop off the bus we are riding on and maybe stroll for a bit on our own to clear our heads and reveal a new path.  Maybe that is where you are at this stage.

I think, at the very least, you may want to explore a legal separation, so you BOTH can decide your next steps without a rash decision being made! 

I send you a virtual hug, my friend; you will survive this and it too shall pass.


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