Hey Rosie!
June 7, 2019
How is this guy still single?

Hey Rosie,

I went to my Bff’s birthday party and I met her cousin who came in from out of town. He is gorgeous! We hit it off immediately and we danced exclusively all night. He was very funny, attentive and our chemistry was unbelievable. We then hung out for three more days before he went back home. We didn’t have sex, but we had a great time … if you catch my drift! Anyway, we are considering pursuing this “energy”. He lives over 1000 miles away, single with no children and has a great job. Rosie, what is wrong with him? I’m afraid. I know it’s just a visit, but I can’t believe he’s not taken yet. Should I try?

Scared and excited

Dear Scared and Excited,

Wow! This sounds so exciting! I love when I hear about an instant attraction, that is something you can’t deny.
My friend, you can never gauge when a relationship will fall into your lap. It would seem like an interesting one has landed on yours. I know that you are very cautious because you are waiting for the other shoe to fall, but I am saying, “go for it!”
Look, do all of your due diligence; talk to his family and friends. Google him for prior records, etc. (yup I would do that), have many phone conversations with him and continue to get to know one another as much as possible.
Once you feel more comfortable, go take a quick trip there to see him in his environment, that would teach you a lot more as well.  
Take the leap of faith, especially if the voice is pushing you that way. Be careful and smart. I hope you find true love.


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