Lawyer wants his client to get overseas treatment
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January 26, 2018
Lawyer wants his client to get overseas treatment

Lawyer Grant Connell is hoping that the public comes together to help local model Yugge Farrell access medical help overseas.

“This is a very sensitive issue. We can’t look at social background and abuse the situation. We can’t afford to turn it into a political football,” Connell told SEARCHLIGHT via telephone on Thursday.

The attorney, who has taken up case of the 23-year-old woman, pro bono, said that his client’s interest is paramount and that is what he is focusing on.

“I am concerned about her most of all. I don’t know anything about any other charges, but what I know is that I am dealing with a matter before the court that is very trivial and on the next hearing, I would be asking the court to extend certain courtesies and calling on the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP Colin Williams) to take a certain course in this and I am thinking it is in the best interest of all,” said Connell.

He emphasized that he is doing Farrell’s case free of cost and he has no connection with any of the money generating ventures that have sprung up, including a GoFundMe account that has been launched online.

issue there is, resolved at soonest and that she gets treatment overseas, examined overseas and someone has already said that they would pay the airfare, but other things have to be done,” Connell stated.

He said he commends the person who is willing to pay for the airfare, adding that helping Yugge with an approach like this should be highest on everyone’s agenda.

“We can already see there is a positive approach by some to get her back on her feet, but the other things will have to be organized in getting her back to what she was and securing her future. We should all come together as a people and make it happen,” Connell told SEARCHLIGHT.

The outspoken lawyer noted also that in his opinion, we can learn several lessons from this ordeal, among them, how to deal with the next Yugge Farrell and how we can amend the Mental Health Act.

“All this can be done afterwards, but given the nature of the case and what she has gone through so far, it would be in the best interest for the case to be ‘nolle prosequi.’ I am not the DPP; that is a decision for him. I don’t think that it means she immediately comes out of the Mental Health Centre (MHC), but she can be sent to a different environment and let us see what the problem is. I can’t really tell you [what her issue is], because I am not a psychiatrist…”

Connell is asking persons who are really concerned about Yugge to act and do what is in her best interest.

He is also calling on members of the media to treat Farrell fairly and he is hoping that from here on, the court proceedings can be in camera (privately, in chambers).

He said he knows that this suggestion may receive some criticism, but he is willing to accept the criticism.

“I am hoping for the best and I think if she is released (on Monday), it would be a catalyst in the process. She is a human being and we must extend our respect. I saw what happened the last time she came to court, and I am just trying to protect her,” he stressed.

“I want to see whatever