Ask the Doctor
August 14, 2012
Why do people get worse soon after being diagnosed with cancer?

Dear Doc,

I have two friends who died soon after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. They were okay until they were diagnosed and soon after, it seems like the cancer spread like wildfire. I believe that not knowing is better than knowing.{{more}}


Dear Rupert,

It is always sad when someone dies from cancer. But it is also true that bad news has a way of spreading faster and further than good news. If someone had an early diagnosis of prostate cancer and had effective intervention, they might not necessarily make it known to everyone; but if they had late diagnosis and died, everyone knows.

The problem is the time of diagnosis. Many men avoid regular assessment of their prostate and thus many diagnoses are confirmed when the disease is far advanced and has spread to other regions of the body. In these situations, death is possible soon after diagnosis.

It is far better to have regular annual prostate examinations to make early diagnosis. With early diagnosis, less expensive and more effective measures can be instituted to have better outcomes.


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