Customer service and how it can impact your business- the experience of another client
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March 29, 2022
Customer service and how it can impact your business- the experience of another client

Do you know what customers are saying about their experience at your business? The truth stings and not many people can stomach the truth about their business – often, their first reaction is – “Nah, that can’t be true.” Ginger S. Myers in an article titled Mastering Marketing – The Customer is Still King,” said “One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies your business can pursue is to provide outstanding customer service. That means fixing things that have gone wrong, i.e., receiving the complaint and responding to it in a timely manner.”

This week, we share another customer service experience forwarded to us by one of our avid readers. “I went to pick up a couple things for a quick snack at a supermarket in Kingstown on Saturday. As I got to the cashier I saw a lady there then the supervisor came to apparently sort something out. I waited patiently. A young man came in subsequently and put his bread on the counter. I said, I’m here, he said sorry and said to the cashier the man wants to cash. No one looked at us. After a few minutes the young man took up the bread, put it back and left. No one said anything. I continued to wait. The cashier was laughing, maybe at her issue on the machine – I waited some more. I eventually returned the items to the shelves and left.

The security just looked at me. All I needed was a look and’ sir give us a moment we’ll be right with you’. I would have waited on them but not even a look to acknowledge our presence. They don’t care. Someone else would buy the items.”

According to Ginger S. Myers, at one time, the rule of thumb was the dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10 other people about their bad experiences. But, with the advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, an unhappy customer can tell hundreds of their friends and their friends’ “friends” about their unsatisfactory experience with your products or services.

The dissatisfied customer had this to say – “Interestingly if you go into a Syrian store or even Home Centre, they make sure to bother you with, ‘can I help’? as well as quick answers to queries. Recently I went to a supermarket that is not locally owned to return a box of cornflakes, I was ready for questions about the return. However, I was told, ‘sir just go pick up a new box’.

Saturday’s experience left me feeling very upset. It was very disrespectful. I felt like speaking to the owner, but SVG is noted for poor customer service. It’s the sad reality.”

Point to note, the customer is still king and customer satisfaction is still the key to brand differentiation. It may appear that the customer is not roaring but that doesn’t mean that his voice he is not being heard.

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