Our Readers' Opinions
August 4, 2017
Take note of number plates!

EDITOR: In certain countries we regularly hear of adults, teenagers, and young children missing after spending time with a relative or friend, or out doing some business. The missing ones may never return home, in some cases being found dead somewhere. 

Due to incidents like these, I kindly wish to suggest that parents tell their children to look at the number plate of ANY vehicle they are about to travel in.  If the child is calling or texting a parent, or guardian, the child must let the parent/guardian know the number plate of the vehicle he or she is about to travel in. Tell or text both the letters and numbers. Parents/guardians must write down the number plate. In this way, the parent/guardian will have the licence plate number to give to the police if the child goes missing. Proverbs 27:12. The police will have something to work with in carrying out an investigation.

Also, if the child knows the driver, he/she can tell or text the driver’s name to his or her parent/guardian. Doing these things may help prevent serious harm to children and may even save lives. Of course, travellers of any age group (children, teenagers, adults, elderly) can apply the same suggestions offered above for their own safety.  It is good practice to let at least one family member know the vehicle you are travelling in, especially when travelling in an unfamiliar vehicle. 

This world is mad! The Devil is extremely angry, because his remaining time of existence is short! Revelation 12:12; Romans 16:20.

Simeon James