Our Readers' Opinions
April 25, 2017
Toilet training

EDITOR: Can every Vincy use a flush toilet correctly? If we talk to our janitors in schools and public buildings you will hear an array of stories about how educated, or uneducated, our citizens are as to the proper use of this wonderful invention. Do we all know where to touch, where to clean, where to adjust, where to sit or stand, how to ‘aim’, what to do if you ‘miss’ and how to clean up?

In any case, children entering pre or primary schools might have to deal with their first independent encounters with public toilets. If they are not properly trained at home, or have been miseducated about how to properly take care of their personal hygiene in these facilities, they might have to get their information elsewhere. Hopefully, it is the correct information.

I am sure if you are in Kingstown and have to ‘go’, that you might suddenly have to rock your brains as to where you can find a clean, well-attended facility.

Not to mention if you are up and down the roads of this country as a citizen, or as a visitor. Our public peeing culture is another change among changes that needs attention nationally. However, the lack of clean and airy public toilet facilities have given our citizens little way out at times.

What about security at these facilities? Are our students kept safe and unmolested in our schools, churches and other public places when they need to ‘go’? Have you heard stories of unfortunate events taking place at some of these facilities around this country?

Have we studied the mindset behind the vandalizing of public facilities and in particular, toilets? I would say the mind that litters is similar to the one that does not leave a toilet as clean as when entered. These need addressing, along with the ones who destroy these facilities.

Toilets in St Vincent and the Grenadines are a blessing where they are clean, available and understood.

Vinny Newton