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March 31, 2017
A wise word to ULP

EDITOR: It is important as a citizen of SVG that I give some advice to the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP). On March 28, 2017, they would have marked 16 years in Government. Indeed, a remarkable achievement. They are, however, faced with the pending elections petition by the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).

The ULP, while they glory in their achievements, need to take a closer look at some seemingly small, but important things. Yes, for two consecutive elections, they won 8 – 7. They, of course, must take responsibility for the close election results of 2015, which have led to the election petitions that are pending.

ULP should have won 10 – 5 in the last elections. North Leeward was certainly in the hands of ULP, with Carlos James as its representative, but it did not happen. Guess what? There were over 100 persons who would have voted for the ULP, but stayed at home and did not vote. As a result, Carlos James lost by a mere 12 votes. Had those persons who stayed home voted for the ULP, then Mr. James would easily have won by over 100 votes.

You see, many supporters were dissatisfied and also the ULP, having done its coded work, took it for granted that Carlos James would have won, not knowing that close to 150 persons had issues that were never addressed and so, stayed home.

While in South Leeward, had Grenville Williams run instead of Jomo Thomas, that seat would have gone to the ULP. Again, supporters of the ULP stayed home, since they wanted Grenville Williams and not Jomo Thomas. Leave that right there.

There was and still is a feeling of abandonment by many ULP supporters. Some will say that they are taken for granted. After all, they are humans and so when they feel this way they will react negatively. These issues must be corrected for next elections. It is expected that North Leeward should go to the ULP with Carlos James as its candidate. However, ULP must not take anything for granted and believe that they would return to office come next elections.

Therefore, they must ensure that their supporters are happy and when they are, they will be glad, not only to vote for the ULP, but happy to campaign. Failure to address these weaknesses that caused the closeness of the results can result in either the same result or a change of government.

So, come on ULP, play your cards right. Remember your people and be vigilant.

Political observer