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February 9, 2016
Remembering Glen Jackson and EG Lynch

Editor: It has been 10 years now since I lost my best friend Glen Jackson. I made myself a promise that once I’m breathing, I’ll keep thoughts of him alive. Glen was a man of character and was a voice to the people. Vincentians should be reminded of him for his exploits on radio programmes. Glen championed the cause of people by using information, entertainment and impartiality on talk show radio programmes.{{more}}

While his legacy continues in terms of talk show radio programmes, could we really say that the standards have improved since Glen left us? No, they haven’t! He would be very ashamed of what passes for talk show radio in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Glen was a man of action, combined with solution and he did what was to be done. He did it with elegance and Vincentians could have depended on him for intelligent solutions to problems.

Today, I remember him and I also remember Mr EG Lynch. Mr Lynch was a man of character and was a voice to many Vincentians. As any man does, he made mistakes, but over a period of time he showed tremendous improvement. He was a radio personality whom many Vincentians loved and enjoyed hearing. He did an extremely good job at informing his listeners on the happenings of our nation. May his soul rest in peace.

After 10 years we are hearing from persons like Elson Crick, Frank Da Silva, Mr Ballah, Margaret London, Bing Joseph, 2 Kool Chris, Bert Francois, Igal Adams and Noel Jackson; could we really say that these talk show hosts have delivered? No! Talk shows on radio have tremendously declined to who say, they say and rubbish from the standards set by Glen when he was alive.

While you are reading this, you might say the only person who came close was Jomo Thomas, with his programme ‘Voices’.

There is a serious need for persons who host radio talk show programmes to inform us with factual information on what’s taking place in our country. Glen would have been so upset and ashamed of what we have to put up with under the guise of radio talk show programmes; if you don’t believe me ask Margaret London!

Our talk show hosts need to take initiative and take pride in their jobs, because it is a job of great importance and they must realize they have a significant influence on Vincentians.

When we remember Glen for what he did, I wonder how his family has dealt and is dealing with his passing. We continue to ask questions. Who killed Glen? Why was he killed? Today, I’m still wondering as Glen’s friend, why was he killed?

I need closure on this case. Could one imagine that Glen was the Prime Minister’s press secretary and the authorities can’t find the killer or killers who are responsible for his death?

The Shake Up programme still goes on and the hosts of this programme don’t even remember Glen. There is a saying that out of sight is out of mind. I continue to remind Vincentians about Glen, I remember him for what he’s worth, because he will always be my best friend.

Kingsley DeFreitas