January 28, 2014
Clare Valley man pleads for help

Clare Valley resident, Rudolph Ashton is pleading with the public to lend some assistance towards his medical dilemma.{{more}}

The 46-year-old man told SEARCHLIGHT that while working on a house back in April 2012, at Great House, Lowmans Leeward, he stretched to pull down some rafters and pulled muscles in his back.

“I didn’t know that it stretch so much. So after that, I went to carry a bag with some load and it damage me spine…” Ashton said.

Since the incident, Ashton said he has mostly been restricted to a wheelchair.

He indicated that he has visited doctors, who recommended that he undergo therapy.

While undergoing therapy, matters took a turn for the worse.

Ashton indicated that he began coughing profusely and after some time, a lump appeared in his chest, which is still visible up to today.

“Going and check the doctor, all I just getting is pain killers and nothing to help out to carry down the lump in my chest or anything,” he said.

Ashton showed us the large band wrapped around his stomach to ease the excruciating pain and the large lump in his chest area.

“Since then, I ain’t been fit to do any work. Sometimes I could hardly move from home. Sometimes I does take the chance and come to town and try to get some support, but the pain is just too much,” he said.

He added that while he is assisted by the Welfare Department, his medical expenses outweigh the assistance he receives from the department.

Ashton said he receives $140 a fortnight from the Welfare Department.

“Sometimes the tablets are $100 and that is just for one.”

He also says that he needs to undergo a CT Scan and noted that doctors have told him he will possibly have to fly to Grenada or Trinidad to have this done.

Persons interested in assisting Ashton can contact him at: 531-4201.