January 17, 2014
CRD reaches out to flood affected areas

The staff of Canouan Resorts Development (CRD) Holdings and the people of Canouan have reached out to the persons affected by the 2013 Christmas Eve floods.{{more}}

Last Sunday, Public Relations coordinator Camille Crichton, acting on behalf of the CRD employees and the people of Canouan, journeyed to North Leeward, where she distributed food supplies, clothing, bedding (sheets and pillow cases) and toys to adults and children housed at the various shelters.

Stops were made at the shelters in Rilland Hill, Spring Village, Rose Bank and Fitz Hughes.

Crichton said that when the people of Canouan and the CRD employees heard about the disaster, they wanted to help, so they mobilized and collected numerous items that they have now donated.

“They wanted to help, because they realized that a lot of persons were affected and needed help”, said Crichton.

Meanwhile, shelter manager at Rilland Hill Stephen Derby said that 22 persons are housed at his shelter. He stressed that some of the persons that have taken up refuge lost everything during the floods.

“Anything we receive is a definite help to them, so we are very grateful. Persons would have lost everything, so we try to provide all their meals and needs…we need help, so we are glad when we get it”, said Derby.

Another shelter manager Vernette McDowall said that the shelter houses seven children (including six-month-old and one-year-old babies), so the toys were very much welcomed.

She added that the relocation of persons at the shelter is going to take time, “so we are happy that people want to assist. The donations help uplift them because it shows that people care”.

Shelter manager at the Spring Village shelter Heather Stewart said that the 30 persons housed at that shelter are very happy that CRD employees and the people of Canouan could come to their assistance.

“We can never stop saying thanks to persons who consider us and put us as a priority. The donations bring cheer. What you are bringing gives them hope and they appreciate it, no matter how big or small. Whatever it is we are grateful”, said Stewart.

In Rose Bank, shelter manager Erel LaBorde said that the Rose Bank community was severely affected and 92 persons are at the shelter in that community.

“This is a very good gesture and we are very happy”, she stressed.

Coordinator of the North Leeward shelters Dora James stressed that the persons housed at the Golden Grove Learning Resource Centre in Chateaubelair (eight families equaling 25 persons) were very happy to receive the help.

James stressed that the donations go a long way in helping the people at the shelters.

The distribution was aided by, among others, CRD Holdings employees Keneisha Austin and Laverne Williams, while deputy director at the E.T. Joshua Airport Andrea Best and two Special Services Unit (SSU) officers also assisted.