February 17, 2006
Disabilities skills training workshop opens

Minister of National Mobilization, Social Development and Local Government, Hon. Michael Browne said that his Ministry will ensure that those people who are challenged visually or otherwise will receive public assistance.

Minister Browne made this statement Friday morning, February 10, at the opening ceremony of the National Society of Persons with Disabilities skills training workshop. {{more}} He stated however that even though these people are entitled to public assistance, they should nonetheless seek to develop their own talents so that they don’t become entirely dependent on public assistance.

He stated that the Ministry of National Mobilization has set up a body, comprising a number of agencies, ministries, and organizations, which is preparing for a national consultation for challenged people, scheduled for the month of March. According to Browne, they are expected to have a policy position on employment and placement within schools for the challenged.

The skills training workshop is for children with disabilities, targeting mainly the past students of the school for children with special needs. They are expected to be trained in areas such as sewing pillows, curtains, clothes, cushions and learning to operate the sewing machine.

This pilot project is funded by the Social Investment Fund.