Daniel under doctor’s orders
March 18, 2005
Daniel under doctor’s orders

Earl “Ole George” Daniel, the man who attempted to enter his name in the Guinness World Book of Records by continuously walking for six days, has been advised by his physician, Dr. Chester Toney, to rest for

15 days from any strenuous physical activities. {{more}}

Dr. Toney, who made periodic checks on Daniel, during his walk which started Tuesday, March 8, and ended March 14, disclosed that the rest was important for him, as he did the work three times the effort of the average person.

Dr. Toney further recommended a second evaluation after the initial 15-day period.

Following his final assessment of Daniel last Monday at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Dr. Toney disclosed that Daniel was in good health.

“He’s in good health and his blood pressure is good”, the doctor said.

He was also high in praise of Daniel’s mental toughness, and said he had to dissuade him from continuing his walk even after completing the six days.

Daniel has been put on a diet of organic substances and molasses by Dr. Toney,

He said this diet was necessary to prevent any further build up of lactic acid.

In addition, Dr. Toney recommended recreational activities like reading and swimming as part of Daniel’s recuperation exercise.

Daniel, a Social Worker attached to the Her Majesty’s Prisons, has been cleared by his doctor to attempt a similar feat after the next 12 months.

“He can attempt anything he wants as he has the mental energy, all he needs is the opportunity,” Dr. Toney stated.

Daniel who has done previous walks both locally and across the region, said he will soon be launching a major Caribbean walk, one which has never been attempted before.

Daniel, along with joel Butcher, who accompanied him on this six day feat, and Otis Sylvester, three years ago, did a 24-hour walk around Barbados. Last year, he walked uninterrupted across St. Vincent for three and a half days.

The 41 year old Daniel, who has built up some popularity hosting a late night interactive programme on one of the local radio stations here, is also a stand up comedian and poet.

His latest effort which took on national significance, was wrinkled when the Guinness authorities in the United Kingdom said they were not recognising the event.

Daniel was attempting to become the second Vincentian to enter the prestigious book of records.

The first was former West Indies fast bowler Winston Davis who grabbed the record for the most wickets in a One Day cricket match.

Davis did so when he bagged 7 for 51 against Australia in the 1983 World Cup in England.