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Fort Charlotte and the 1898 Hurricane (The Sentry September 30, 1898)

The magnificent old fort is perfectly stripped of the buildings and foliage that elicited the admiration of all visitors on entering Kingstown harbour. Now it stands bare and desolate as if it were shattered by the most terrible shells of modern invention. {{more}}
The storm raged on the Fort with the greatest fury; sweeping down the yawning precipice the ruins of the wooden buildings and even levelling some of the stone structures leaving none standing except the bomb proof buildings which escaped owing to their sheltered position and the quarter’s now used as the paupers’ asylum, the northern sides of which are actually built underground. No lives were lost at the Fort; but a doleful incident occurred in relation to Mr. Miles Phillips’ family who lived at the Commandant Quarters.
Mr. Phillips happened to be at Canouan on official business at the time of the disaster and his terrified wife was consequently with no other companion than an infant child (with the nurse) when the dreadful hurricane broke on the much exposed locality where she dwelt. Mrs. Phillips and her child were providentially spared. The roof and sides were blown away down the cliff, several hundred feet deep, leaving her standing on the floor. She, assisted by the nurse, managed to get to the gun shed where with the child wet and shivering in the biting cold, they sheltered until evening.
Fortunately before night fell they were found and taken to one of the small cells where they spent the night with Mr. Medford’s family (of nine) who were also rendered homeless. Mrs. Phillips lost every piece of furniture she possessed and only one or two pieces of clothing she recovered after the storm.”