August 13, 2004
Grenada PM to face fraud inquiry

St.GEORGE’S Grenada: After months of clamouring for an investigation into allegations of bribery by Grenada,s Prime Minister Keith Mithchell this country’s Governor General Sir Daniel Williams has appointed a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations made in a Miami-based financial online magazine Offshore Alert that Dr. Mitchell may have received US$500,000 from German fraudster Eric Resteiner at his home in Switzerland in 2000. {{more}}
Resteiner was a former diplomat who held the post of trade counsellor.
Barbadian jurist Richard Cheltenham is the one appointed to be responsible to look into allegations of wrong doings against Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.
Sir Daniel said that Cheltenham, a one-time Barbados cabinet member, will be sworn in as the commissioner within two weeks, after which the schedule for the commission will be established.
Sir Daniel termed Cheltenham a prominent and highly respected Caribbean jurist, who is regarded as a specialist in the area of commissions of inquiry and has been a member of the Privy Council since 1996.
Under the terms of the commission, Cheltenham will inquire into the circumstances surrounding the appointment of German fraudster Eric Resteiner as a Grenadian diplomat, as well as the allegations that Prime Minister Mitchell received a half million dollar bribe in return at his home in Switzerland.