Ragguette urges students to design
July 23, 2004
Ragguette urges students to design

Hugh Ragguette, chairman of the PanKaiMas Organisation, wants to see students engaged in Vincy Mas.
And one way of ensuring their involvement is for them to make carnival part of their studies. Ragguette made his disclosure last Saturday afternoon during the presentation of prizes.
Ragguette was particularly concerned about designs. {{more}} He noted that, “No carnival designers know how to enhance their costumes through the use of lights.”
Ragguette suggested workshops to help correct that situation.
Considered an icon in Mas circles, Ragguette observed the shortage of designers here. He noted that six bands used two designers, and he confessed that that was not good for Mas production.
The PanKaiMas chairman, however, commended arrangers for their work with calypsonians. He chided artistes for waiting until the “eleventh hour” for taking their works for arrangement.
It was not all gloom for Ragguette. He praised the Youlou Pan Movement for staging a successful Panorama competition. “We seem to be getting back on track,” Ragguette said.
There is a level of intolerance creeping into the carnival.
“We have to be more tolerant with carnival,” he said, noting that carnival was run mostly by volunteers.