Boys dominate 2023 CPEA top ten (+Video)
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June 16, 2023
Boys dominate 2023 CPEA top ten (+Video)

In the last four years, with the exception of 2022, males have dominated the top three positions in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA). For 2023, they have taken the largest share of the top 10 pie, snatching eight spots in total, including first to seventh.

Principal of the Windsor Primary School, Kenneth Burgin, said he has recognized the trend of improved male performance in the national primary school leaving examination and he believes that male students are starting to assert themselves more in the classroom.

“The funny thing is, these boys, they were the top performers in our school, at our graduation they were the ones who got most of the prizes. And then we had a situation where we had two boys doing an independent musical recital and we said this is unusual. So maybe it’s a reflection that the boys, whether deliberately or subconsciously, are taking back that position. It’s not a matter of boys against girls, but they are starting to assert themselves more academically.”

The school was able to claim the number one and two positions with Jadon Hamilton scoring 97.20 percent and his classmate, Kajj Murray, tieing for second place with 96.20 percent. Murray scored the highest mark overall in Social Studies while Hamilton had the highest Language Arts score.

Principal Burgin told SEARCHLIGHT the male students at the school are not only gifted academically but also perform well in Extracurricular activities.

“I would like to say about Jaden and Kajj and other boys, they’re very outspoken and they have an active voice. They are involved in all the activities. Jaden is a national swimmer. He represents in SVG …, other students in the class do that. So besides just having the academics, these children are involved in all the activities right here at our school.”

While Hamilton told SEARCHLIGHT that he was not only confident about landing a place in the top 10 but he was sure the number one position was his, Murray said he was doubtful about his performance and he initially thought the results were a prank.

In the external assessment of the four subjects, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, boys gained the highest marks with the exception of Science.

The other schools in the top 10 are St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, with Kole Inniss and Joshua Greaves; Kingstown Preparatory School with Drez Compton; Fairhall Government School with Orion John; Sugar Mill Academy with Julian DeFreitas, Sky Cato and Kaden James; and Colonaire Government School with Gabriella DeFreitas.

Principal Burgin added that the Windsor School runs a “holistic programme” which has allowed them to consistently maintain a position in the top 10.

“It’s something that we work for without stressing it because our aim is that our children give their best, give 100% and at the end of the day, the positions are just a reward for the hard work. Once you give 100% we are contented with that.”

Grade Six Language Arts teachers, Derna Toby-Peters told SEARCHLIGHT that the school strikes a balance between academics and play. She said the results did not come as a surprise to her, considering Murray’s and Hamilton’s work throughout the school year.

“Those boys worked like that throughout the school year; always consistent. And not only those boys but the others as well.”