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May 9, 2008
Jamaican killed at Queen’s Drive

John Jennings wanted a son. Although an ultrasound examination suggests that the baby his girlfriend is carrying is a girl, Jennings will never see the child, hold it, or name it – nothing!{{more}}

Jennings, 30, a Jamaican national living in St Vincent and the Grenadines since 2006, became this year’s eleventh murder victim.

The Green Hill resident’s body was found just outside the driver’s side of a car parked in the Queen’s Drive area on Monday, May 5th, at around 11pm.

Reports are that residents heard shots ring out and contacted the police.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that even though the call was made to the police, no one in the area came out when police came on the scene of the crime.

Police sources indicate that Jennings still had his valuables on him, including jewelry, which has ruled out robbery as a motive.

So as the police follow the leads in this case, Jennings’ girlfriend is preparing to give birth, broken hearted over his death and fearful for her own life.

The young woman, who did not wish to be identified, told SEARCHLIGHT that Jennings was a loving boyfriend, and over the last two years since they have been together, he treated her very well.

“He was very supportive. During this pregnancy, he was always looking out for me,” she said.

“He wanted to know everything about how I was doing… I don’t know, anyhow I have my family’s support,” she said.

This year’s murder rate is keeping stride with last year’s numbers. By May 7, 2007, there were 12 murders, compared to this year’s 11 by the same date.

Last year recorded 36 murders, a record figure.

At press time, the findings of the autopsy, which was scheduled for Wednesday, were unknown. Efforts were being made to have Jennings’ body flown back to Jamaica for burial.