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March 2, 2007
Wife takes Green Party leader to court

Althea Henry O’Neal, wife of outspoken Green Party leader, Ivan O’Neal has taken her husband to court.

Mrs. O’Neal stated to SEARCHLIGHT that her husband has willfully neglected her and refuses to pay maintainence. Mrs O’Neal further stated that Mr O’Neal has disobeyed an order made against him in April 1, 2003 and now he is in arrears for four months from September 1, 2006.{{more}}

In interview with SEARCHLIGHT she said she suffers from high cholesterol and can only eat certain kinds of foods. Mrs O’Neal mentioned that on numerous occasions while living here in 2003, her husband refused to buy her the type of food she needs, citing the high cost of purchase. She also claims that the property in which Mr. O’Neal now lives is owned by two of their children, and that these children have given Mr. O’Neal notice to leave.

The children reportedly argue that Mr. O’Neal is the owner of several extensive plots of land in St. Vincent and has the wherewithal to build his own house.

A resident of England, Mrs O’Neal wants to have the matter settled quickly and get what rightfully belongs to her. In his defence, Ivan O’Neal said that his wife is not speaking the truth, and that she is receiving more than she deserves.

Mr. O’Neal said that when she moved to England in 2003, she was already receiving five different allowances from him which are paid in the United Kingdom. He said that she recently returned to St. Vincent and applied for maintenance here, which she was granted. Mr. O’Neal said that he is taking the route of trying to cut off maintenance to her here in St Vincent.