Animal Health
September 24, 2004
Canine distemper

Canine distemper, also referred to as hardpad disease, is a contagious viral disease of dogs. It is the first viral disease of dogs for which a vaccine was specially developed.
The virus that causes this disease is airborne and for this reason the disease may spread from one dog to another much faster than Parvo. {{more}}
Being an airborne virus, it is spread by means of an aerosol droplet that comes from the secretion of an infected dog.
An infected dog normally manifests intense nasal and ocular muc-purment (yellowish) secretion, which is another secretion that contains the virus. This virus is then moved from one area to another by the wind. If an uninfected dog inhales contaminated air, it may develop the disease and its survival depends greatly on the level of protection the animal has.
Early symptoms include a loss of appetite, heavy breathing, coughing, sore throat, fever and heavy thick yellow purulent discharge from the eyes and nose. A very important sign of this disease is the enlargement of all the glands.
An infected dog may manifest alteration of the nervous system that includes epileptic-form convulsions and involuntary urination and defecation.
This disease may be prevented by complying with the vaccination plan recommended by your veterinarian.