Our Readers' Opinions
June 11, 2021
PSU wants justice for shooting victim

Editor: The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Public Service Union makes the following public statement regarding the alleged involvement of Senator Morgan and Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Karim Nelson, in a gun shooting incident. We feel compelled to make this statement on the basis that we strive for fairness and justice not only in the labour market, but also in our society at large. We want to see the tenets of democracy, such as transparency, accountability and rule of law at work. 

The allegations against Senator Morgan and Assistant DPP Nelson are very serious.  As it stands, public confidence in the legal system is shaken, therefore we want to see nothing but a proper and just investigation conducted. Public interest and public security demands that due process of the law is adhered to with respect to all parties involved in this incident.

 Further, we say that posts held by senior public officers are positions of highest accountability, and that respect to human dignity must be a guiding principle in the performance of professional duties and the conduct of interpersonal relations.  

We encourage the authorities to conduct the investigations in accordance with the law to ensure that justice is served.

We also applaud Assistant DPP Nelson for taking voluntary leave until the investigations are conducted and completed. It is a right move on his part in the circumstances. Therefore, we call on Senator Morgan to do likewise. 

We must not lose sight of the fact that we are a country of laws. The laws of the land must be applied without prejudice in all circumstances. We, therefore, hope that this matter will be resolved expeditiously and that the reputation of our country will remain intact regionally and internationally. We eagerly await the outcome of the investigation into all allegations involving all parties and anticipate that justice will prevail.