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November 27, 2015
Let not violence be a part of this campaign

EDITOR: As the countdown to elections began, so is the campaigning intensifying. By this time most of the voters would have already decided as to who they are going to vote for. In this Vincentian politics and also the Carib­bean, there are sometimes anger and violence.

We as a people have to be mature enough to realize that everyone has his or her own views. As a result persons vote based on how they look at things and also for other reasons.{{more}} It is therefore important that each one of us respect each other’s views.

No one should be abused for his or her choice. No one should be made to feel inferior or be insulted for his or her choice. No one should suffer injury simply because of his or her choice. It is a democratic country and it is a person’s democratic right to choose the party of his or her choice.

I am appealing to us as a people to refrain from getting personal when discussing politics. Let us deal with issues and not resort to violence, slander and pull down. It is important that we control our passion and temper. It is better to walk away from an argument even if we are seen as a coward than to remain and it is turns into something ugly.

It is time that as a nation we work together regardless of what party we support. For after the elections are over we have to live with one another. It is sad that families and friendships break-up because of party politics. However, on the other side of the coin, many friendships are established and re-established.

Let us look at the positive side of things and respect each person’s views. Let’s not get involved in violence. Let us not lose friendships and have break-ups in family because of party politics. We ought to be more mature than that.

Let love, peace and respect be our watch word for these elections on December 9, 2015. Let us as a nation have a peaceful and orderly campaign. Let not violence be a part of this campaign. Instead let us let love reign. We can agree to disagree, and be mature enough to accept each other’s views. May we have well disciplined behaviour during this election campaign?

Kennard King