From Left: KAY-MARTIN Jack Chief Education Officer, JUANITA HUNTE-King Education Officer for Science and BRIA KING - Communications Officer (VINLEC)
October 14, 2022
VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair set for November

Organisers of the VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair are encouraging students and members of the public to be especially innovative and creative with their projects for this year’s event slated for November 7-11.

The VINLEC (St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd) National Science and Technology Fair, which is hosted by the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation was officially launched on October 4 at the conference room of the Curriculum Development Unit, a release from VINLEC states.

The national fair, which has not been held for the past two years primarily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, will take place at the Kingstown Anglican School Annex and is being held under the theme “Scientific Innovation and Creativity: Keys to our Nation’s Resiliency”.

“…Resiliency is one of the most important tools we have to help us manage these experiences, recover from them and thrive afterwards. So for this year’s fair, we want to make a toast and acknowledge some of the innovative and creative ways that our Vincentians have been managing challenging times,” Education Officer for Science Juanita Hunte-King said.

The fair is open to students at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels, teachers, and members of the public.

Registration which is now open, closes on October 20. Interested persons can register at: .

Students at the primary level can enter in categories of Earth and Space Science; Physical Science; Life Science; Science, Technology and the Environment and Technology.

Students and other individuals at secondary, post-secondary and open categories can register projects in Biology, Agricultural Science and Environmental Science; Physics, Engineering and Computer Science; Chemistry and Food Science and Behavioural Science.

VINLEC’s Communications Officer, Bria King who also spoke at the launch said the company is pleased to once again partner with the Ministry of Education for the National Science and Technology Fair which facilitates the innovative and creative ideas of a wide cross section of Vincentians.

King said there is an increasing demand for technical persons across various sectors.

“More industries of a technical nature must play a more active role in encouraging and providing, not only guidance to their needs, but the avenues to develop young minds to meet those needs,” she said.

“This is our stance at VINLEC, and it is one of the many reasons why we invest heavily in the VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair; we are, by extension, contributing to the development of our country”.

In her remarks Chief Education Officer, Kay Martin-Jack encouraged all the “incredibly talented young boys and girls in the schools across St Vincent and the Grenadines” to participate in the national fair. She further encouraged students to believe in themselves and their ability to create and innovate.

She added that the future depends on what happens at events like the science fair, not only in SVG but around the world.

“What happens when a young person is engaged in conducting an experiment or writing a piece of software or solving a hard math problem or designing a new gadget? It is in these pursuits that talents are discovered and passions are lit and the future scientists, engineers and inventors and entrepreneurs are born. That’s what is going to help ensure that we succeed in the next century; that we are leading the world in developing the technologies, businesses and industries of the future,” the Chief Education Officer said.

Martin-Jack also pledged the continued support of the ministry “in ensuring that students have the opportunity to engage in science related areas and we recognize that it starts all the way down in the primary level as we move through the system”.

Remarks were also delivered by president of the SVG Science Teachers Association, Jovarnie Rose.

Also in attendance at the October 4 event were the SVG Secretary General for UNESCO, Janeil Henry-Rose and proprietor of Gaymes Book Centre and MacMillan’s Island Representative, Dennis Gaymes.