August 11, 2015
Eustace prepared to take action against illegal registration

Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace is prepared to take action against persons who register in constituencies illegally.

Eustace, speaking on the New Times radio programme yesterday, declared that there were persons who had registered to vote in the East Kingstown constituency, but do not live in that area.{{more}}

The East Kingstown representative noted that persons registering to vote or those seeking transfers from one constituency to another must be living in the desired constituency for at least a six-month period prior to their registration.

“You can go to court if you register falsely and I’m not afraid of the court in these matters; whatever action is necessary,” the Opposition Leader said.

“A couple weeks ago, an attempt was made to stop registration process for about a month and we objected to it and it has reopened and people are in fact being registered. When I look at the data from my own constituency, East Kingstown, I see that an additional 238 persons have transferred from various areas into East Kingstown since the last time we looked at this exercise. There have been a significant amount of persons who registered for the first time in excess of 600. In some constituencies, the figures are even larger. Those who are registered likely would have been people coming to the polls for the first time; a lot of them could be registered from outside of the constituency.”

Eustace stated that his staff in East Kingstown has been carrying out an exercise that assesses the number of transfers into the constituency and where those transferred persons are residing.

Additionally, he revealed that he would be hosting a meeting for these transferred persons, as well as persons registering for the first time, so that he can get to know his constituents better.

“I want to get to know you, those of you who are coming to East Kingstown to vote for the first time. I want to get to know you, so I’m extending an invitation, especially those who are transferring over,” he said.

“I must say that I know of some names already who are registered or transferred to East Kingstown, but don’t live there. I will deal with those persons. I am aware of some persons who are not. I know where they are now and I know they are not living in East Kingstown. I will provide the necessary information at the appropriate time. So those who know clearly that they are living in East Kingstown shouldn’t have a problem attending that meeting. It’s only if you trying to scam, you may have a problem attending the meeting.”

The Opposition Leader observed that registering to vote was a serious process and that it was illegal and wrong for persons to register without following the rule of living in the constituency for six months prior to their registration.

Furthermore, he took the opportunity to warn other NDP constituency representatives to look out for persons who may be registered in their respective constituencies but do not reside there. (BK)