April 17, 2015
Thanks for making us part of Phenomenal Woman – Digicel

Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Digicel has been privileged to own title sponsorship of the third annual Phenomenal Woman’s conference held last weekend at the Russell’s auditorium and cinemas, where more than 300 women and 200 teens benefited from power house speakers such as host Karen Hinds and Carita Dee, among many others.{{more}} The conference delivered impactful messaging, empowering women of all walks of life, stressing on the importance of sisterhood, placing God first and living balanced and healthy lives.

“We at Digicel congratulate the organizers of this conference for giving us this day to relive and reflect on who we are as women; for reminding us that we are different and that difference makes us beautiful in so many ways,” says commercial manager Dionne Emtage. “We thought of the struggles, the celebrations, the learning opportunities, the growth and, of course, the unique beauty residing in each of us that when encapsulated into one we could coin our experiences as women as nothing else than being extraordinary.”

Digicel looks forward to continued partnerships such as these which uplift segments in our society while highlighting true talent residing within all of its customers.