April 1, 2010
Badenock enchanted by Grenadine Islands

The islands of the Grenadines have come alive in the new children’s book “Islands Enchanted” written by teacher Kathy Badenock.{{more}}

The book was launched on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, at the Ministry of Culture’s conference room at the Cruise Ship Terminal.

In the book, five of the Grenadine islands are personified and tell stories of their culture and history. The author, Kathy Badenock, related that she started writing the book after she had found that there was no fairytale with which she could identify as a Vincentian. Badenock, who said that she loves fairytales, showed her first set of writings to her father who suggested that she write a book.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Marcia John, commenting on Badenock’s book, said the writer has contributed to the new evolved industry of children’s literature which she referred to as the Sunrise industry.

John spoke about several adventure and fairytale children’s books such as Peter Pan and Snow White which often bring enjoyment to young children. She added that there was a time when text books, colouring books and folk tales were regarded as children’s literature and that a change occurred in the field of literature which gave birth to the Sunrise industry.

Other Vincentian authors, John said, have also sought to teach children about the Vincentian culture, namely Dr. Vivien Child, Shirley Squire and Vincentian by marriage Natalie Andrews. These authors over the past several years wrote books about Vincentian childhood experiences. John added that the book Islands Enchanted will not only be entertaining but will also educate Vincentian children.

Presenting on ‘Story Time’ Union Island resident Vernalyn Blencowe offered congratulations to Badenock, adding that all of Union Island will be proud of her accomplishments.

Blencowe’s address included a brief description of the culture on Union Island and their love of drumming, dancing and celebration. Stating that ‘culture defines a people’, Blencowe related that people today have lost a sense of their culture, favouring mainstream American culture over their own.

The ceremony also included the reading of an excerpt from the book done by Nzinga DeRoche and a PowerPoint presentation on the Grenadine Islands.