February 3, 2006
Kenisha gets keys to her ‘Pimp Ride’

She’s too young to drive, and she can’t even reach the brakes or steering wheel comfortably,

but 11-year-old Kenisha Hannaway is now officially now the owner of the St. Vincent Brewery “Pimp My Hairoun Ride” Dodge Ram Pick Up Truck.

For now the cherry-red, four-door, open back vehicle is parked just outside her home at Paul’s Avenue waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. {{more}}

While most children wish to take the money and buy candy and go on a shopping spree, Kenisha’s wish is to buy a new home for her family.

The Petersville Primary School student, who entered the competition with the bottle caps from the beer her mother drank, wrote her name on the entry form, but no address or telephone number were attached.

After some controversy as to whether Kenisha was indeed the rightful winner, the Gaming Commission in a bid to verify the claim, had the child write her name. That confirmed to the Gaming Commission that she was indeed the person who sent in the winning entry.

The next big step to Kenisha’s dream of getting the vehicle sold may be near, and her proud mother, Salome, said that although she is not an expert on the sale of vehicles, she has had the automobile valued and is looking for a good price.