Former N.U.S.S Student Graduates with Honours
June 25, 2004
Former N.U.S.S Student Graduates with Honours

Alicia Jessop is a former student of The North Union Secondary School. She gained 6 O’Levels from the 7 attempted during her secondary school year. She then moved on to The St. Vincent Community College where she furthered studies in the Business field. {{more}}
Alicia is the granddaughter of Shirley Mack, a resident of South Union. She now holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Management, after graduating with Honors on June 6th 2004 from Peirce College, Philadelphia PA USA were she now resides.
Alicia’s success is attributed to hard work and dedication, having to work part time at a non-profiting firm and still maintain a grade point average of 3.95. Her professor remarks that she is “A true Caribbean born determine to be successful”. Alicia, who attributes her success to the blessing of God, says that, “without prayer it would have been virtually impossible to succeed”.
The Mack and Defreitas family of South Union, and the Rose family of Mt. Grenan would like to congratulate Alicia on her achievements and wishher more success in the future.