Image presents Calendar girls
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February 11, 2005
Image presents Calendar girls

The Image Modelling Agency is once again portraying the style, flair and glamour of their models in a big way with the release of their “2005 Calendar girls” almanac.

The Agency is, for the first time, presenting its models in print to the public.{{more}}

Through the lens of professional photographer, Andrew Wilson, stylish Nordia Jackson flashes her “bling bling’ in jewellery as Miss February. Sabrina Ollivierre lavishly shows off her abs in a two piece swimsuit in March while Rhonda Solomon showcases our natural water source at Dallaway Waterhouse for April.

Molly Wayne is the party girl in May as Melissa Solomon relaxes in Bequia in the June segment. LaKeisha Williams is strictly down to business in July as Debbie King goes natural as Miss August. September smiles Rozann DeFrietas and Arian Deane gets ready to go for a swim in October. Janelle Humphrey is Miss November and Malaika Glasgow will grab your attention with a striking pose as Miss December. A peek into January 2006 creates a chill and gives you a little taste of Hairoun with LaToya Norville.

The Calendar is already creating quite a stir in city Kingstown as fashion buffs can’t seem to get enough of it.

Managing Director of Image Modelling Agency, Monique Tash said: “We wanted to show the different talents besides being runway models, and it’s a little thank you to some of our customers as well.”

Though a limited number of the calendar was printed, Tash said the response was very supportive. “The public response was really good even though it’s our first time at this,” Tash noted.

According to the director next year’s publication will be even better.