Local paintings on Governor General’s walls
Local Vibes
October 22, 2004
Local paintings on Governor General’s walls

When you go to Government House the next time, you will be pleased with the lively nature of the partitions.

You will see displays of a number of the world’s leading artists including some from Vincentians. Governor General Sir Fredrick Ballantyne described response to his requests for works to adorn the Government House as “overwhelming”. And such was the response that plans are in motion for a building to house the additional collection. {{more}}Some 70 pieces of art have been handed over to the Government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And with persons like Basil Charles involved, there was every reason that the appeal would be receptive.

The works of art added to the aesthetics of the Government House, Her Majesty the Queen’s rep-resentative’s office.

Among those handing over their works were Vivian Child, Owen Ralph, Roland “Scrapie” Dopwell, Cecile Comble, Joseph Esquina and Kemara Brackin.